Sustainability Indicators for schools IT-P

Date: 2009-07-01

Sustainable School Indicators at Liceo Cornaro IT-P

 As Liceo “Cornaro” has been provided with an Environmental Management System since 2004, it has been using indicators to measure its environmental performances in order to promote continual improvement .

Within the Comenius project “Sustainability through EMAS” the partner schools created a set of indicators which can be used in schools to improve sustainability in the ecological, social and economic field. Liceo “Cornaro” EMS team discussed this “Sustainable School Indicators” poposal, and noticed that many of these indicators are already used within the many different school educational projects, but there isn’t a unitary framework that could consider all these data in a global perspective, and in terms of sustainability.

Therefore the EMS team has proposed to the Headmaster:

In the attached file you can find the indicators we use and those we wish to take into consideration.

Indicators of Sustainability IT-P
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