Guidebook for implementing EMAS in schools

Date: 2009-06-30

EMAS in the education sector allows for a significant increase in the sustainability of the results achieved. Participation of both, teachers and students in the implementation of the scheme ensures an environmental culture within the organization and also develops team spirit. Involving students in implementing EMS is a very effective way for learning about environmental issues.

Developing EMAS in school is a means of promoting the culture of sustainability among students, of transforming the school into a participative and active environment, working towards sustainable development.

Developing EMS in school is a long process, with ups and downs, with hard work ….but it’s worth doing it.


If you are interested in developing EMAS in your school please read our guidebook. It is a 'how to do' guidebook, with many concrete examples. We published it to support you.

The cover of the guidebook
The EMAS guidebook
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