Environment protection - a chance for new jobs - RO

Date: 2009-06-24

The 10th graders from the RO partner school joined the DE students in working on this project. Below there are some of the students’ reflection at the end of this project and the final product of this project (in Romanian language).


As far as I am concerned, all companies and institutions should be aware of the fact that the existence of an environmental protection department is essential. Due to the fact that our environment is in serios need of being protected, such a department should be existent in all the companies. While taking part in this project, I observed some major problems that, to my mind, should not be ignored.  Even though the educational system offers a wide variety of studies which deal with environmental issues, the positions offered by companies are limited or, in some cases, even inexistent. Specialists should be in charge of the pollution problems, of the industrial waste as a result of the companies’ actions, as well as with everything related to our environment. Nevertheless, the lack of such a department will definitely lead to the destruction the environment and, invevitably, to human beings’ health.

What I have learnt from this project is the fact that special attention should be paid to the environment in order to protect it and our health, as well as for the companies to work properly.  - Ioana


This project not only helped me more about the importance of protecting the environment, but it also helped me to learn more about the attitude of those around me on the issue of protecting the environment. Generally, the preocupation is minimal, but this only makes me want to influence more people to become increasingly preocupied of the blue planet, that is dying because of its inhabitants.

I also learned about the problems of the Romanian administrative system, considering that not even them show any interest in changing this  ecological crisis we are now in. - Daiana

Final product of this project (Romanian language)
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