Integration of sustainable development in the school system

Date: 2009-06-22

Within the framework of the COMENIUS project “SUS-EMAS Sustainability through EMAS”, we dealt with the definition of indicators regarding sustainable development at school. In doing so, we had difficulties in distinguishing between indicators for sustainability and indicators concerning the education for sustainable development.

The group of schools taking part in the “SUS-EMAS Sustainability through EMAS” project came up with two main currents:

One group decided to pursue the question of quantifiable indicators for sustainability. Enclosed you will find a list of examples.

Another group dealt with the question of integrating sustainable development in education and vocational training and with the possibilities of connecting SD and core skills. How is it possible to combine both aspects? How is it possible to determine the students’ progress when it comes to understanding and realizing sustainable development, similar to linguistic and mathematical skills as well as their knowledge in other subjects?

In the current paper a few approaches are given. Unfortunately, the time we spent on the project was too short to answer all interesting questions; it will take more time to deliver an all over satisfying answer.

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