Fruit and vegetable calendar - eat healthy - BE

Date: 2009-04-24

The Fruits and Vegetables Calendar


The Calendar project « For Sustainable Food » was born after the school decided to introduce biological food.

We needed a tool to identify fruits and vegetables and also give suggestions about health and sustainable development.

This work was created by pupils of the artistic section and could be used by pupils and teachers of the school and naturally at home by the parents. Every year, it could also support the food campaign at school.


Thumb_fuits and vegetables calender 07423
drawings done by the art students

Thumb_kalender juni 05095 b

Thumb_fuits and vegetables calender 07424
some drawings done by the art students

Thumb_kalender november 05094b

Thumb_fuits and vegetables calender 07426
drawings done by the art students

Preparation of the calendar (in FR and DE languages)
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