Eco - league

Date: 2009-03-29



This is the guide for our eco  league, which is an eco game. It’s a competition between the classes in school.  Every week a teacher controls all the classes in school. Every class gets plus points for certain environment friendly behavior patterns. The class with the most points is the winner – class.


it should create environmental conciousness

it should motivate the students to save energy, separate the waste, keep their classes tidy , …

duration: heating period > october - april


at the end of every month the winner gets a price and a  certificate from the headmaster

the prices are the popular „environment – monster“ and fair trade chocolate bars for every student

Winner classes of the year

in May: award ceremony

3 winner classes get prize money and a certificate


usually the 1st and the  2nd class, the  7th and the  8th class are the most motivated ones

generally the students from 13 – 15 are less ecology – minded (at least in school)

It‘s very hard to make the students separate the waste

another problem is the packaging paper

       the desks should be coverd with it to protect them

       the students damage it and consume to much of it > untidy classes

       the students are tempted to write and draw on it to much

       consequence: we‘ll not use it any more!

Even though there are problems, we consider the eco league as a good sustainability indicator and a good instrument for the environment education!

The students like the eco league!


eco league guide
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