Travel & Pollution Project methodology

Date: 2008-12-27

People like traveling, visiting new places and learning about different cultures... but travel means pollution. Is it possible to travel and not to have a negative impact on the environment?

Students working in the Travel & Pollution Project will try to find answers to the above question.


Goals of this project

The students will:

-         learn about our Ecological Footprint (EF) related to travel and pollution

-         understand how this EF can be affected – negatively or positively – when the number of people involved is changed

-         plan a travel catalogue

-         inform others about the results of this research project, raising awareness on the huge impact pollution has on the future of this planet

Please download the entire description of the Travel & Pollution project’s methodology.

Questionnaire- day 2
Questionnaire- day 3
Questionnaire- 3 days summary
Questionnaire- day 1
Description of the project's methodology
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