Tools and tips for implementing EMAS in schools

Date: 2008-06-23

During the three years DIR-EMAS Comenius project, four schools and a teacher training organization developed activities in order to implement the EMAScheme and to get the EMAS registration. The unrolled activities are as follows:

a.      lobbying

b.      elaboration of the environmental policy - see

c.      analysis of the environmental aspects

d.      elaboration and implementation of the environmental programme – see

e.      realizing the internal audit

f.        elaboration of the environmental declaration.

As a cyclic and continuous process of improvement, we continued, even if the DIR-EMAS project ended, with the review of the environmental management system, we elaborated and implemented a new environmental programme and we run the internal Audit in order to discuss with the school’s board what is and what is not running.

On the DIR-EMAS Project’s website you can find information, tools and tips on how to implement the EMAS in a school.

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