Study Visit to Lycée Decrétot, December 2008

Date: 2009-06-05

From the 10th to the 14th December 2008 14 students from “Liceo Alvise Cornaro” went to Louviers, a little town in the north of France, to visit “Lycée J.B. Decrétot”.

Students discussed different ways to live sustainability. The topics concerned the fair trade products we can buy in our vending machines and the actions taken in our school for energy saving. We explained how we support the economy of poor countries buying products like coffee and chocolate which don’t come from the plantations of multinational companies but from plantations run by local farmers. Moreover, we spoke about the choice of Liceo Cornaro to buy only environmentally friendly detergents which pollute less. As regards energy saving, we gave some examples of “good practice” commonly followed in our schools, like checking if the lights are off when teachers and students leave the classrooms, or, in winter, checking if the windows above the radiators are closed.

Another activity which students consider the funniest was the intercultural activity: a cooking lesson. This activity was possible thanks to the fact that the school in Louviers is a professional institute for cooks, waiters and hotel staff. For this reason the French teachers and the pupils decided to teach Italian delegation how to cook a typical Norman meal.



Students report of Study Visit to Lycée Decretot
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