Project meeting in Belgium, 1. – 2. June 2008

Date: 2008-10-15

Three teachers and the headmaster of the BBS Osterholz-Scharmbeck visited the partner Robert-Schumann-Institut in Eupen. We were lucky that we arrived on the open day of the school, so we have had the chance to see all departments of the school and could talk with a lot of teachers.

The content of the meeting consists of:

1 Get to know the Belgium system of vocational education and training

2 Get a presentation of the perfect and diverse system of waste separating in more then 20 sorts at the school.

3 Visits of the different vocational branches and workshops the school has.

4 Meeting with the headmaster of RSI to talk about the environmental management system and the quality system of RSI

5 Introduction in the tools for information and communication about the environmental management sytem and the way to introduce it to new students and new teachers.

6 Presentation of the environmental guidebook. The RSI works at a book which offers for the different vocational branches relevant environmental knowledge and tasks to train environmental issues.

Abfall Robi

Containerstation of waste separation

Jasmin presents the environmental guidebook

The partners of BE and DE

Plan of evacuation


Thumb_gespraech mit schulleitung eupen
talk about the environmental management system

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