Project meeting in Vienna Austria, June 2009

Date: 2009-06-26

During the 18th – 21st of June 2009, we organized the coordinators’ project meeting in Vienna. Representatives of all partner schools attended this meeting.

The main activity of this project meeting consisted in the coordinators’ evaluation workshop. Coordinators from all partner schools worked together for evaluating the SUS-EMAS project and for filling in the part A (common part) of the final report.

During this project meeting we also visited the host partner school and we reported on the activities developed within the project during last quarter.


Thumb_teachers group
Teachers' group

Thumb_working on the common part
working on the common part of the final report-1

Thumb_teachers worksop1
Teachers' workshop

Thumb_working on the common part of the final report
working on the common part of the final report-2

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