Project meeting in Eupen Belgium, March 2009

Date: 2009-06-25

During the 18th – 22nd of March, the Belgium partner school Robert Schuman Institut Eupen hosted a project meeting attended by representatives (teachers, students and/or head-teacher) of all partner schools.

During the project meeting, there were organized many activities, which all supported us, students and teachers, in establishing an intercultural dialogue & friendship and also in sharing knowledge and experience on different project’s issues.

The main activity of this project meeting was The Sixth European Seminar of the certified ISO/EMAS European schools & First Education for Sustainable development meeting “What kind of children will we leave for our Earth?”, Belgium, the 18th – 20th of March 2009 organized by Robert Schuman Institut Eupen, Institut Provincial d’Enseignement Agronomique La Reid, College Sainte Veronique Liege andCOREN asbl.

Representatives of all partner schools were actively involved in the seminar by sharing their experiences in implementing education for sustainable development through the SUS-EMAS project.

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A forum of school’s innovative projects was also organised during the three days seminar in order to allow schools to show their works. This forum was a wonderful frame for the students and teachers intercultural dialogue.

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Other activities developed during the project meeting were:

This project meeting was a great opportunity to disseminate the projects’ results, to establish new contacts with other institutions interested in education for sustainable development, to learn about the Belgium educational system and about the implementation of ESD in Belgium and in other European countries, to continue our intercultural dialogue and to deepen our friendship.

Teachers' workshop

Discussions during the seminar

Visiting the chocolate factory

Teachers' meeting

Visiting Spa

Teachers' group

The Seminar

Participating students' group

Visiting Eupen

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