Intercultural dialogue- FR and IT-Padova

Date: 2009-07-12

During the project meeting in Louviers (December2008), students

-compared different ways to live sustainability, as French school is more concerned with social aspects of sustianability and IT-Padova fois focused especially with environmental care;

-compared different school systems and different kind of teacher-student relationship;

-cooked together a typical Norman meal (and then enjoyed it!), learning about different culinary traditions:

Another activity during this experience abroad which we consider the funniest in our whole stay was the cooking lesson. This activity was possible thanks to the fact that the school in Louviers  is a professional institute for cooks, waiters and hotel staff. For this reason the French teachers and the pupils decided to teach us how to cook a typical Norman meal which we would then taste for dinner. The dinner was a typical Norman meal whose main ingredients were cheese and apples. In fact these are typical products of the French region called Haute Normandie. It was a very strange dinner, different from the classical taste of Italian cuisine... (from IT-Padova student report)

Thumb_Cooking lesson
Cooking lesson

Students exchanging experiences

Thumb_Having dinner together
Having dinner together



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