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Date: 2009-07-04

In the academic year 2005-2006 we tested the so-called “Education for environmental sustainability”, which was then inserted in all the school curricula, with two units (involving different subjects) per year:
Here are all the environmental units, year by year:
First year classes
“Study of the territory”
Second year classes
“Agenda 21 at school”
Third year classes
“Education to the right consumption”
Fourth year classes
“EMS (environment management system)” “Principles of sustainability”
Fifth (and final) year classes
“Procedures and techniques for the sustainable development”
“Elements of environmental accountancy”

In the ADD FILES section, you'll find all the units in the Italian language (with aims, time, tests, instruments and so on..)

environm. unit 1st year
environm. unit 2nd year
environm. unit 3rd year
environm. unit 4th year
environm. unit 5th year


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