Environmental protection and renewable energies- a chance for new jobs IT-P

Date: 2009-07-01

 Environmental protection and renewable energies- a chance for new jobs IT-P


Climate change: a challenge for science,  politics and economics


On February 22nd 2008, the Liceo Cornaro 5th year students met a university professor, a local politician and a representative of “Banca Etica” (Ethical Financial Bank) to discuss about climate change as a challenge for political strategies and economic developement.

Dott. Pernigotti, a professor at Venice University and regional EMAS club coordinator, introduced the scientific aspects of climate change.

Francesco Bicciato, responsible for our town environmental policy, dealt with political decisions that affect everyday life and promote sustainabile lifestyles, mainly focusing on transport and traffic policies.

Riccardo Milani, the representative of Banca Etica, introduced some activities financed by Banca Etica in the field of sustainability: renewable energy projects, research on CO2-emission free engines, bio-agriculture developement, fair trade.

The students showed great interest for these issues, above all in the field of technological research for environmental protection.



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