Project Day 2009

Date: 2009-06-26

Project day 2009 in the DE partner school focused on the climate change. Information about the problems rose through climate change and tips about what everybody can do to minimize the amount of CO2-emissions were presented by an exhibition to the audience at school. Because summer holidays are just around the corner, the students underline the option to compensate CO2-emissions, e.g. produced by traveling by air, through fAIRreisen. To make it seen at school everyday they stick the information on the steps.

One of the project days that the BE partner school organized was “The week of health”. In this occasion, the school decided to use only biological food. Pupils and teachers worked on different activities (cook with regional and biological food, inform pupils on sustainable development, information session about radiation and measure them with different tools...).


Project Day 2009 in the RO partner school was organized on the 29th of May 2009 during the Opened Doors Day. The RO project team organized an exhibition with products of the SUS-EMAS project, including the ‘Our A-Z SUS-EMAS project work’ posters from all partner schools and ‘Our video magazine’. Students and teachers from our school and also students from other schools and parents visited the exhibition, watched the video-clips and looked closely to different exhibited products. The Project day 2009 was perceived as a celebration for the RO SUS-EMAS project team.


On May 25th 2009 the SUS-EMAS Project Day was held at “Liceo Scientifico A. Cornaro” in Padova. The headmaster, local authorities, people from “Informambiente” (a local agency for environmental education) and the school Eco-kids took part in the presentation of the environmental educational projects and the EMS annual performances. First of all the EMS team showed the authorities the school park renovation project made by the students, hoping to get some funds for its realization. There was also an exhibition of the SUS-EMAS A-Z activities posters from all the SUS-EMAS schools and of artworks made by the students who took part in the 7th Millennium Goal Project. All in all the day was a great opportunity to make all the project activities visible inside and outside the school and to motivate pupils and teachers by sharing common experiences.

On the 27 May 2009 the Battaglini Institute organized its Project Day dedicated to environment. A delegation of students and teachers went to Tito, a little town – one hour by car from Venosa – and visited the firm “Ageco”  just in order to get acquainted with the recycling of waste. Then they moved to the lake in “Pantano di Pignola”, where there’s a WWF Oasis, just to be in close contact with nature and some protected species of animals. This project day took place at the end of a school path, whose aim was to make students sensitive to the environmental problem. After all, it was a great lesson for all of them, including the accompanying teachers.

The Project Day 2009 in Antalya was held on the 9th of June: It was organized in an open air theatre during the graduation day. About 3000 parents, students, visitors and representatives from other schools and Mayor of Local Municipality attended the event. The project work products and activities developed during the two years of the project were introduced to the guests with a Power point presentation; partner schools were introduced, too. We organized also an exhibition in order to show our work. The activities and the project’s products were appreciated by the guests and the importance of the ESD was pointed out to the guests.


During the AT Project Day 2009, the 5th of May in Museumsquartier, Vienna, we presented our posters and photos of our activities in Turkey, Padua and Belgium. Two students presented the SUS-EMAS project.   For younger pupils we had a game called Sustainability-Quiz with questions in French, English and Italian about the project partners and waste separation.
The children could also smell and taste spices and herbs. Some pupils of our 1st class prepared healthy food (e.g. smoothes and creams). From a cook they learned about the use of different kinds of spices. The coordinator of the BRG Rahlgasse gave an interview about her experience with the Comenius project. The students visited the different stations, for example they had the possibility to experience the view of people in wheelchairs.



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