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Date: 2009-06-24

The 10th graders from the RO partner schools worked on the Video-clip Project. The video-clips, part of the final product if this project, are part of Our Video Magazine. Please find the methodology of the project below.

Please read some of their reflections and have a look at photos shot during their activity in order to get an idea of how this activity was developed.


This project that we worked on was a different type of project because of the way findings needed to be presented. We had to made a video-clip, 3 min long, about a sustainable development issue, and we have chosen  to talk about the energy that we use and the way this affects our living and, of course, the environment. (…) The difference between this project and other math projects was that we could use our imagination a lot, which on my opinion is a good thing. This project made us realize that the Earth needs our help more than we could imagine because each of our action leaves a mark on it, and only the time can decide how destructive we can be. So before doing something that we could regret later, we better think at more environmentally friendly way of living.- Daniela


(…) This project also helped me to socialize with 2 of my class mates and to see haw the work in a team is. - Oana


From this project I’ve gained not only experience but knowledge too. (…)  We had a lot of fun realizing the video and we learned to communicate as a team and accept each other’s ideas not only ours.

My favourite part was when we realized the scenario. There were a bunch of ideas that we had. We managed to communicate and we reached a main idea together for the video witch I hope everyone will like it.- Eleea


After analyzing and centralizing the data obtained from the questionnaires I have applied to my colleagues, I have realized that the situation doesn’t seem very alarming. It is known which aliments are harmful, which are helpful and how they should be eaten. Also, even if some aliments are truly tempting, especially for youngsters, they are avoided by most of us, knowing that they are true caloric bombs and that they harm the organism. (…)The truth is that, although we know many things about eating, we know what harms us, we know what we should eat, we know which food is considered poison and which are considered medicine, and still there is something that stops us to always eat healthy. Temptations, trend, group pressure, sometimes time, are factors that stop us from eating healthy, because aliments aren’t just food for the organism, they are also a source of pleasure, a way to socialize, a manner threw which we interact with others. - Vlad

Working on the final product of the project

Producing the video clip

Preparing the statistical interpretation and the text for the video clip

Working on the scenario of the video clip

Applying the questionnaires to the 9th graders

Researching on the energy consumption issue



Methodology for the video clip project - RO
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