Intercultural Forum

Date: 2009-06-24

During the project meeting in BE and The Sixth European Seminar of the ISO/EMAS certified European schools & First Education for Sustainable development meeting “What kind of children will we leave for our Earth?”, Belgium, the 18th – 20th of March 2009 a forum of school’s innovative projects was also organised during the three days seminar in order to allow schools to show their works.


Students from all partner schools were the main actors of this forum as they prepared and selected the products to be shown, prepared and introduced to students’ delegations and also to teachers and other representatives interested in their work the products they exhibited.


This forum developed as an intercultural dialogue between students.


Students’ feedback

Being in the Forum of the Conference in Belgium, I was given the opportunity to socialize with foreign students and teachers around Europe and I learnt about their culture, their hobbies and what they study at school. We are still friends and we communicate by e-mail, postcards etc. I find this thing very important as I had not have a clear idea about the European Educational System, but now I do thanks to this project and thanks to people who got involved in it. I was told many interesting things about Belgium, about its history and the fact that in this little country are spoken three different languages: French, German and Flemish. The people are very kind and made us feel like home. Moreover, I discovered that I gained confidence in myself and a lot of experience by speaking different languages.


Secondly, from the beginning I had a good impression about the country. After socializing and knowing the people around it seemed even more beautiful. We made friends and informed each other about what we had been working on, about the actions we took to reduce the pollution etc. I would also like to add the fact that I found the conference very interesting and informative because we were able to discuss between ourselves the big problems the Earth is facing: air pollution, water pollution, deforestation etc.


Last but not least, the students and teachers who took part in this project will surely talk about the matters discussed with people from their countries and so the idea of sustainability will be spread in a very short time. We hope that things will get better and better as we want a planet that will survive for milliards of years from now on.


discussing together

Thumb_learning from others
learning from others


Thumb_preparing the exhibition
preparing the exhibition

Thumb_group of young students interested in SUS-EMAS project\'s work
group of young students intersted in the SUS-EMAS project work

Thumb_students from different partner schools
dialogue between students from different partner schools



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