Intercultural Workshop - DE, RO and TR

Date: 2009-06-24

During the project meeting in DE (December 2008), RO, DE and TR students presented the results of their work on the Climate Change project to their colleagues from the partner schools and worked together within a one day and a half workshop in order to prepare together a theatre play on the Global Warming topic. The theatre play was performed in front of the students and teachers of BBS Osterholz-Scharmbeck.


Students’ feedback on the workshop

The workshop was interactive and enabled us to break the language barrier. The leader of the workshop showed us some games that would train our improvising and communication skills. We started to prepare our play by thinking at words that are related to climate change: hope, global warming and future. We also did some exercises for mimicry: the instructor told us a word and we had to a mime what the meaning of that word was. We managed to put together a small acting number on the theme of global warming. The result was most satisfactory and our performance sent an important message: Be environmentally friendly.

The play presented some people that lived in a ‘plastic’ world that did harmful things to the environment. A girl showed up and pointed out what they do wrong but they defied her. When they saw she was upset they tried to comfort her and realized that their world wasn’t perfect and they could improve it. The play ended with each student’s reflection upon global warming in their mother tongue.

It was a funny and exciting workshop.

Amalia and Cristina

Please have a look at the last part of the theatre performance

You can see some moments of the workshop at




Thumb_final preparations for the performance
final preparations for the performance

preparing the performance

Thumb_students friendship



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