Intercultural dialogue - RO and IT-V students

Date: 2009-06-24

During the project meeting in Cluj (October 2008), students developed an intercultural dialogue through:

-          the guided tour of Cluj-Napoca city center – the guides were the RO 9th graders;

-          introducing a presentation of the Venosa’s region, Town of Venosa and Venosa partner school – the presenters were the IT students;

-          working together for finding out more about the ecological footprint – the RO-9th graders and the IT guest-students;

-          exchanging ideas about the role of the students in the development of the SUS-EMAS project – the RO students management team of the SUS-EMAS project and the IT guest-students;

-          working together in order to find out more about pollution and traveling and sustainable traveling and, later, applying during the study visit in the Cluj region sustainable traveling rules – the RO host-students and the IT guest-students.

Thumb_ecological footprint
Ecological footprint - RO and IT-V students sharing information

Thumb_presentation of Venosa
Introducing information about Venosa

Thumb_guided tour in Cluj
Students guided tour in the city center of Cluj

Thumb_students workshop
Workshop - IT-V and RO students sharing ideas for future involvement within the SUS-EMAS project

Thumb_music dialogue
IT and RO students sharing the music

Thumb_sustainable travel
Sustainable study visit in the Cluj county



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