7th Millennium Goal project -IT Padova

Date: 2009-06-16

"7th Millennium Goal: Ensure Environmental Sustainability" project aimed to promote sustainability awareness among students making them responsible of a communication campaign on the 7th Millennium Goal.
The project was planned and realized with the precious partnership of  "Fondazione Fontana onlus", that promotes "World Social Agenda" educational project among Padova schools.
In Liceo Cornaro, 3 classes joined the project: 1 in the 3rd year, 2 in the 4th year.

The activity had 4 steps:
1) teachers training: teachers attended to specific lessons on sustainability by University teachers (november-december);
2) students training: students read and discussed 4 books, visited "Banca Etica" (Ethical Finance Bank) in Padova, developing their knowledge and awareness on sustainable development (february-march);
3) students communication campaign: students met communication experts (videomaker, photographer, writer) who helped them planning and realizing a communication campaign on sustainability (march-april);
4) "Dove sono andate le farfalle?" ("Where have butterflies gone?) exhibition: an exhibiton of students' posters, videoclips and art objects in a town cultural center (12-21 may).



7th Millennium Goal campaign -IT Padova
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