The 6th European Seminar of the ISO/EMAS certied European schools, March 2009, Belgium

Date: 2009-04-13

The Sixth European Seminar of the ISO/EMAS certified European schools & First Education for Sustainable development meeting “What kind of children will we leave for our Earth?”, Belgium, the 18th – 20th of March 2009

Half way through the decade of the Education for Sustainable Development and in the framework of the Belgian networks (ISO 14001schools – School Agendas 21) and the European networks (Ecoles certified ISO 14001 / EMAS, Comenius project SUS-EMAS) projects, it has become more than ever obvious that during the Spring 2009, it is necessary to raise awareness in the educational world about the debate on the education for Sustainable Development and the schools’ systematic approaches.


Ø       Robert Schuman Institut Eupen,

Ø       Institut Provincial d’Enseignement Agronomique La Reid,

Ø       College Sainte Veronique Liege,

Ø       COREN asbl.

The objectives of these meetings are:

1.       To promote the exchange of experiences and the putting into practice of schools involved within a structured educational process both at the Belgian and European level. The purpose is to bring together as many Belgian and European schools as possible, in particular, in the existing networks, in order to exchange the applications ;

2.       At a Belgian level, to take stock of the actions undertaken and to highlight the stakes of the Education for Sustainable Development and the need for a collective involvement from the different political, economical and social participants involved within the schools. The purpose is to raise interest and support from the public, private and civil society participants ;

3.       To raise interest and support from the European Authorities for the stakes involved in the European initiatives concerning the Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development, and to prepare a contribution during the European Green Seminar in June 2009.

The 3-day programme in March was divided into 5 sessions, and was open to all who are involved in Education.

Ø       Session 1: Sustainable Development at school: motivating and involving the concerned participants (schools and local communities). (at College Sainte Veronique Liege)

Ø       Session 2: Promoting  Sustainable Development at school (at IPEA, La Reid)

Ø       Session 3: Maintaining motivation and mobilization (at IPEA, La Reid)

Ø       Session 4: European perspectives (at RSI Eupen)

Ø       Session 5: Belgian perspectives (at RSI Eupen)

A forum of school’s innovative projects was also organised during the three days seminar in order to allow schools to show their works.

The Seminar was attended by app. 250 participants, representatives of:

Representatives of all SUS-EMAS partner schools attended the Seminar.

More information about this event can be found at

Thumb_discussions before starting La Reid
Discussions before starting the 2nd day of the Seminar

Thumb_Forum FR
Forum - FR partner school

Thumb_Forum RO
Forum - RO partner school

Thumb_Semiar Liege
1st day Seminar - Liege

Thumb_seminar La Reid2
2nd day of the Seminar - La Reid (2)

Thumb_seminar Liege 3
1st day Seminar - Liege (3)

Thumb_Forum AT
Forum - AT partner school

Thumb_Forum official opening
Forum - official visit in Eupen

Thumb_Forum TR
Forum - TR partner school

Thumb_seminar Eupen
3rd day of the Seminar - Eupen

Thumb_Seminar La Reid3
2nd day of the Seminar - La Reid (3)

Thumb_Seminar Liege2
1st day Seminar - Liege (2)

Thumb_forum BE
Forum - BE partner school

Thumb_Forum Padua
Forum - IT Padua partner school

Thumb_Forum venosa
Forum IT Venosa partner school

Thumb_seminar La Reid1
2nd day of the Seminar - La Reid (1)

Thumb_seminar La Reid5
2nd day of the Seminar - La Reid (4)

Programme of the Seminar


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