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Date: 2009-04-13

We began our work by meeting all at the intention of the coordinating teacher, she initiated us by telling general things about what we have to do and she gave us some websites to inform. After this, we met several times without her to plan the project. Before we made the project plan we divided the work to all of us. Each of us filled in one of the questionnaires, I completed the Day 2 Questionnaire and I made the interpretation of the questionnaires together with Daniela and Ştefana (we made the graphics in Microsoft Office Excel). I made also a research focused on public transport in Cluj city and I wrote a report about this in which I exposed the actual situation in our city and the plans of the authorities who try to encourage the public transport as they can (the majority of the information in took from the city hall’s website). As a conclusion I wrote “The Effects of Traveling to the Environment”. The final step was to send all my work to Alina from the 10th C grade to assemble the project.

This project made me to realize that we have a great negative influence to the environment through the way we travel. All of us should make all we can to improve the actual situation for saving our plant from destruction. Through traveling we pollute a lot the environment and the pollution affect our health. After making this project I try to use more the public transport instead of using the family car and I think that is a good way to use the bike but we don’t have yet the properly condition for this. Using the bike in this city can be the last thing you do in your life because we don’t have bicycle lanes and cycling together with cars is really dangerous (I am very afraid of this, so I won’t use the bike). – Oana, 10th A grade, Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă Cluj-Napoca


At first, we met with the teacher which coordinates this project to explain us what is about. After that we met several times to settle the exact points which we needed to reach in our part of project and after we finished it, we send our part to Alina from the 10th C grade.

In our project there were common assessments like the interpretation of the questionnaires where me, Oana and Ştefana worked together. After centralizing the results, we prepared the interpretation by making the graphics in Microsoft Excel.

In my part of the project I talked about one of the most ecological ways of traveling, cycling, and applied the advantages and disadvantages to our town. I looked at this problem from three points of view: economically, physical and ecologically. To support cycling we made an article in the local newspaper thinking that we could improve traveling by bike. (Alex was supposed to make it.J) – Daniela, 10th A grade, Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă Cluj-Napoca


I worked at this project at many parts but especially at that part, which describes Cluj-Napoca “.Where is it situated…? Pollution in Cluj…?”

I helped at graphics, working together with Oana and Daniela, and we worked together to their interpretation.

Each of us helped at centralizing and interpreting the questionnaires. I had the questionnaire with ‘1 guest family’.

Our job was to discover the percentage of pollution in our town, Cluj- Napoca, to see how we can improve it and finding solutions to improve it.

It was a little bit difficult but we hope that we did it well.

It is a very important project because this is a way of making people being more carefully with the environment, because if we will continue like this, in a short period we will destroy the earth and the humanity. This project is a little step in making people understand that we must take measures to save the Earth , and that we can have a better life taking care of environment, and I hope that people all over the world will understand that our way of life must change to avoid drastic consequences. It is not very difficult to try to be more careful with the environment. -  Ştefana, 10th A grade, Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă Cluj-Napoca


Distributing flyers for promoting cycling

Displaying posters for promoting cycling



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