Eco-sustainable breakfast IT Venosa

Date: 2009-03-31


Eco – compatible breakfast at “Battaglini” in Venosa

On 26 February I.I.S.S. "Battaglini" Venosa planned the so called “0 Kilometres eco - compatible breakfast”. Students, together with teachers and the rest of the school staff, had a special breakfast, different from usual, in this way replacing the traditional meal of middle morning – made of sandwiches, slices of pizza, croissants and things like this – with products coming from the local agriculture, with no need to move or to get them from outside. This is why it was called 0 Km. Everybody could taste the original flavour of our olive oil, bread, cheese, oranges and the delicious quality of some homemade fruitcakes – prepared just for the occasion by some of the students’ mothers. All the products were made of natural and healthy ingredients, with no preservatives. Most of the foodstuff was offered by some sponsors of the area we are still grateful to.                               

It may be useful to know that “the Km 0 products” is also the title of the multi – disciplinary unit we have chosen for the 3rd and 4th years’ students of our vocational courses.                                                      

As for the breakfast, we – teachers of the Educh Emas group – evaluated the participation of students, students’ parents and all the local community by means of some questionnaires which students were given before and after the breakfast. It came out that about 50 % of the students have got a little knowledge about sustainability. Thus, this is the point we’ve got to start from in order to improve the efficiency of this activity.





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