EMAS presentation BRG - Rahlgasse

Date: 2009-01-02

The presentation shows at


page 1: the front view of the school building

page 2: the eco logo of the school

page 3: the main eco – corner of the school

page 4: the announcement of the eco – leage (eco – game) of the school

page 5 : the importance of waste separation in our school

page 6 : the environment – team at a meeting

page 7 : two eco – kids at the environment - weekend

page 8 : more eco – kids at the environment weekend

page 9 : open day

page 10 : sustainable school - supplies of our school

page 11 : no cars in front of the school : we fight for it!

page 12 : our environment - trophies

page 13 : our cooperation - schools

page 14 : our eco – agents in Antalya

page 15 : the names of the contributors of this presentation





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