Intercultural breakfast in Padua

Date: 2008-07-11

Our students were learning about different aspects of sustainable nutrition for example biological wine in France or Mediterranean diet in Turkey or influences of food on the climate in Germany.

One aim of the project was to form the students’ consciousness about sustainable life in general and particularly food. On the other hand we worked on this theme to protect against anorexia, bulimia and other diseases which are connecting with food.

In Padua the students presented their works in power point presentations and as posters.

They prepared a breakfast which included sustainable, cultural and healthy aspects. For this breakfast we used regional, seasonal and biological products, typical for some regions of each country, for example: home made butter, goat cheese, fair milk, jam made of old sorts of fruits and cakes made of full grain flour.

Thumb_AT delegation preparing a sustainable breakfast
AT delegation preparing sustainable breakfast

Thumb_Intercultural breakfast
Preparing breakfast



SUS - breakfast DE
SUStainable Turkish Breakfast TR
SUStainable Turkish Breakfast and MEDITERRANEAN DIET WORD File
Sustainable Romanian breakfast Presentation - RO
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