5th June Project Day in Karatay lisesi TR

Date: 2008-06-08

World Environment day was celebrated in Karatay Lisesi by the participations of teachers, students and other school  workers.


                                                            5th JUNE PROJEC DAY IN KARATAY LİSESİ  

      World Environment (PROJECT DAY ) Day  was  celebrated in many ways, including bicycles parades, green  bands , essay and poster competitions in schools garden, tree planting, recycling efforts, clean-up campaigns

     To mark World Environment Day 2008, the headmaster of AKL, Mr. Birol ORAK made speech  in the morning of the 5th of June 2008

      A  speech by a student, Ayşe SAVAŞ  under the theme Environmental impact, and raised awareness about all the negative environmental habits that have become highly embedded within the  school society and proposed some simple solutions for better, more environmental and healthier school

    To mark  5th June Project Day, a noticeborad  was prepared by the students on the impact of carbon dioxide on climate change and calculated the carbon footprint of participants,

    To commemorate World Environment Day 2008 the  ECO CLUB of Karatay  Lisesi introduced  the Green Award to be given to pupils and students who actively participate in environmental activities in the  school

   On the occasion of World Environment Day 2008, Antalya Karatay Lisesi held the following activities at  the school garden

       The Environmental Club  marked  5th June PROJECT DAY by planting trees and general cleaning of the environment. Tree planting activities which were carried out in  the  school garden Arranged a Celebration of Trees  They plant   trees They also had lectures on how to conserve the environment.

    They also had  a Waste management Band  and performed  the songs on environment On the occasion of World Environment Day 2008,

        Antalya Karatay Lisesi  organized  a Cleaning campaign  with a competition between all  classes to clean  clasrooms ,specific areas in and out of the school (public streets). During the celebrations,

     To celebrate , 5th June PROJECT DAY Antalya Karatay lisesi held a  bicycle race in  the school with  students and the teachers and games among  students  ( Yogurt eating game ,Rope holding Game ,Ayran Drinking Game walking in the bag game etc)

Mr. Birol ORAK speaking

Waste BAND 1

Yogurt Eating Game 2

Ayran Drinking Game (Healty Drink)

Headmaster CYCLING :)

Ayşe SAVAŞ speaking

Tree planting

Rope Holding Game 1



Waste BAND 2

Yogurt Eating Game 1

Rope Holding Game 2

Walking in the BAG Game

5th JUNE SUS-EMAS project Day


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