Intercultural breakfast - sustainable eating - RO

Date: 2008-06-22


  1. Traditional Romanian Breakfast
  2. Sustainable Breakfast
  3. Sustainable Romanian Breakfast


1.       Raising awareness in what the traditional Romanian breakfast is concerned

2.       Identifying the changes that have occurred in time – related to breakfast

3.       Raising awareness of what sustainability is in terms of food and extending the research over to the organic vs. non-organic components of a sustainable breakfast


1.       Research on traditional Romanian meals, especially breakfast, in:

a.      Documents (cooking books, recipes, literary work etc.)

b.      interviews with people of different ages and from different parts of the country

c.      original pictures and photos added to the project

2.       Data comparison and interpretation

3.       Suggestions for sustainable-oriented ways of improving the Romanian traditional breakfast and people’s perception towards this concept

Duration: March – April 2008

Students involved: the 9th graders and the 10th graders

End Products

1.       Project describing the process of changing a traditional Romanian breakfast into a sustainable one (with photos, interview records etc)

2.       Menu for a Sustainable Romanian Breakfast

Traditional Romanian Breakfast


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