Intercultural Day in Antalya

Date: 2008-06-22

During the first project meeting, Antalya (Turkey), on the 10th of December 2007, it was organized an intercultural programme.

Students and teachers from all partner schools prepared and delivered a brief cultural presentation/ programme introducing specific aspects of history, tradition and culture of their country. The audience appreciated the diversity of the presentations: theater play: Musicanten von Bremen, Turkish dances, video clips about Romanian legends and traditions, power point presentation on specific cultural aspects of France, Italy, Austria and Romania, quiz on general information about Germany.

Thumb_Austrian presentation
Austrian student introducing the cultural programme

Thumb_Romanian presentation
Romanian students' presentation

Thumb_Turkish dances2
Turkish students dancing

Thumb_German quiz
Quiz about Germany

Thumb_Turkish dances
Turkish dances performed by students

Thumb_Musicanten von Bremen
Theater play - The Musicians from Bremen

Thumb_Turkish dances1
Turkish dances performed by students



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