Environment and Health - RO

Date: 2008-06-20


A Healthy Environment - A Healthy Human Being  

We breathe, drink, eat and sense elements of our environment all the time. We are in active interaction with our environment, and the state of the environment is reflected in our health. Fresh and pollution-free air keeps our mucous membranes and respiratory organs healthy. Water and food, which are free from unhealthy chemicals and microbes, which cause diseases, keep our entire body healthy. An environment, which is noise free, beautiful, versatile and preferably green also, enhances our mental health. Our love for life live created by the closeness of people we love and moderation in our way of life and things we do are often cited explanations for a long and good life. Hence, our environment should offer pleasant places for people to meet each other and opportunities to express and develop oneself as an individual and a member of a community. This ideal state of being is your constitutional right and duty. You should hold on to your rights, but remember that with your own choices you can influence the health and well-being of yourself and your family.  

Subjects: math, sciences


§         To investigate and know about health issues in general;

§         To question the relationship between health and environment

§         To read graphs

§         To identify three main threats for health within the local community

§         To identify ways of acting locally in order to prevent and reduce health problems in the local community.

Students involved: the 9th graders from Colegiul National Emil Racovita Romania

Calendar: 18th of February – 12th of March 2008

18 – 24 February – Introduction week

25 – 29 February – Organize the work, reading graphs with information on health issues, writing in words the information from the graphs and identify two doctors (physicists) to be interviewed on health problems in the local community

3 – 5 March – interview doctors (physicists) after preparing the interview guide

6 – 7 March – discussions for identifying three main threats for health within the local community and ways of preventing/ reducing them.

10 – 12 March – preparation of the presentation.



Environment and Health - RO
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